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Safari -WOW


      I am sitting outside our tent overlooking the Mara River and there are at least 30 Hippos snoozing below me (not counting Mike).  They make the most amazing noises… loud and deep.  It is especially loud at 4:00 AM when they return from feeding and are ready to soak in the river for the day – what a wake up call.

      I knew we were going to love this but I didn’t realize how much.  The animals are amazing.  At one point we were in our safari truck for over an hour in the middle of a herd of Rothschild Giraffes.  Needless to say I am up to about 500 pictures (not all giraffes).  The roar of a lioness calling to her pride was so unbelievable.  We were about 15 feet from a pride of 20 lions including cubs.  The elephants are more massive than you can imagine, as you look directly up at them.  We were able to watch them feed this morning and they couldn’t care less most of the time.  We left the area when a bull decided to take interest in us and our driver said off we go.

      The Mara Safari Club is REALLY gorgeous.  The tents are luxurious and the service wonderful.  It is really funny when you check in and they remind you that the electric will be turned off at midnight.  A flash light is supplied and a two way phone in case there is an emergency as you do not want to go out of your tent during the evening.  At our last camp we went to sit on our porch and there was a group of baboons including the littlest baby holding onto Mom.  We sat and watched them 4 feet away for about an hour… our grass was green and they were eating two fisted handfuls (most of the Lake Nakuru area is suffering from a drought and very brown – the Mara is nice and green).

      That’s it for now, if you can figure how to blog back say hi and let us know you can get our blog along with the photos.  If you can’t blog then you can always email.


                  Pat & Mike

PS – looks like we can only send one pix at a time from this location.  Will send more later



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Test Blog 3/15/09

This is the first tribe of albino natives ever found in Kenya. We are recording their long and exciting history.

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March 13 - pre trip

Hi All,

There are empty suitcases all over the floor and clothes hanging all over. We have never been away for six weeks and want to pack everything. There are tough luggage restrictions on some flights so packing is a challenge. We will be ready for Sunday - no matter what!!!!!